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May 13, 2003

Urgent Action in Defense of Israel

(Email from Alan Keyes' Life and Liberty PAC "Declaration Alliance")

Dear Friend of the Declaration, and of Israel:

A new crisis is brewing in the Middle East! The Declaration Foundation and Alliance organizations are joining in coalition with in defense of our ally Israel, and with Conservative Petitions to make our voices heard in this critical policy debate.

Ambassador Alan Keyes will be joining Joseph Farah, Roberta Combs, Frank Gaffney and other national leaders at the Interfaith Zionist Leadership Summit (IZLS) in D.C., May 17th & 18th: Click here for more conference info.

Attendance is free, and lovers of Zion should go!

The summit speakers will address the urgent issues surrounding the U.S. State Department-sanctioned "Road Map to Arab-Israeli Peace." This plan has been presented to the international community as U.S. policy and is under vigorous debate.

Please go to OneNation at and cast your votes on 6 urgent issues raised by this initiative.

Then go to the petition against the "road map" in support of the principles that should guide America's -- and the world's -- policy toward our democratic ally, Israel.

Assaults on Israel have become intertwined -- ideologically, politically and militarily -- with assaults upon America. We must unflinchingly reject terrorist violence, regardless of the causes it may hide behind. This includes such a "happy face" initiative like the "road map" to peace being advanced by Colin Powell and the U.S. State Department.

Our best and most trustworthy alliances are cemented in shared principles. The nature of America's special relationship to Israel, and our historical commitment to her survival as a Jewish state, rest upon a moral obligation. It is not ultimately a matter of real politick, nor of simple calculation of the military odds, nor of strategic advantage -- it is a matter of justice.

We must always set our course mindful that we are morally obligated to stand foursquare with a people who fight and die on the front lines of freedom and representative government -- especially if they do so with the kind of decency, courage and integrity demonstrated by the valiant people of Israel.

We also have an obligation in justice to see that the Palestinian people are not tyrannized by their own terrorist "leadership."

Don't let the UN set Israel up for destruction, and condemn the Palestinian people to the oppression of terrorist leaders!

Please be sure to vote at then sign the petition at Conservative Petitions.

Thank you for your faithfulness, Declaration Alliance