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May 27, 2003


One things Israel needs to do is give an ultimatum. There needs to be some stick not just carrot. Israeli Prime Minister Sharon should once again announce his support for a Palestinian state but with a caveat. The caveat is that this is the last time the Palestinians will be offered a state. The right of Israel (and other people in the area) trying to live in peace trumps the Palestinian’s right to another Arab state. Sharon should make his support of the ‘Road Map” contingent on the provision that if the Palestinians do not comply with it the will not be given another chance, they will not be given another carrot. This time they will be given a stick. If they do not comply with the ‘Road Map’, the Palestinians will lose their ‘right’ to a state. They (along with their supporters from Israel proper) would be deported from Gaza and the West Bank if they do not follow through with the road map. To where should they be shipped. The most logical place would be Jordan. But also, there is an opportunity to ship them to Iraq or perhaps the Sinai. Egypt participated in all wars against Israel and occupied the Gaza in 1948. Iraq materially supported most of the wars with Israel by sending troops. Both these countries should have to pay for their aggression by helping to solve the results of Arab aggression.