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May 28, 2003

 What we are up against

Even though IsraPundit articles reach a huge readership, the audience seem to consist mainly of the already converterd. Letter to the editors of mainstream papers, on the other hand, have the advantage of reaching people who are not yet entirely supportive of Israel. For this reason I attach great importance to getting letters to the editor published, and I try to do my share.

The object of this piece is to present an exchange of letter to the editor of the Ottawa Citizen (a leading daily in Canada's capital), in which I was involved. The first item, is an anti-Israel letter by Stuart Ross, published on May 21, 2003. Upon reading it, I immediately sent a reply, which was published in today's [27 May 2003] Citizen; next to this letter, the Citizen ran an anti-Israel letter by Christopher Leadbeater [I'm not making this name up], of Hailey, England. Trust the Brits to find one of theirs to send an anti-Israel letter to the Ottawa Citizen, thousands of miles away - now, that's dedication!

In drafting my letter I was constrained not only by the word count (300 words, max), but also by the need to focus on only one or two issues, rather than provide a broad rebuttal. It seems to me that it was prudent to underscore that the Arabs in Yesha want neither a state nor peace - they want to see Israel destroyed. Since I was able to add one more point, I selected to ridicule the myth of the “weak Palestinians”, a myth which seems to appeal to Westerners.

The set of all three letters is posted at IsraPundit2; the abridged version posted here shows my letter only.

Note that the letter heading, given below in bold font, is assigned by the Citizen’s editors, not by the author.

Palestinian have no interest in peace with Israel

Re. Mideest road map will fail because it leaves Israel in driver's seat, May 21.

Letter-writer Stuart Ross predicts the failure of the "road map,"
and blames Israel.

This view ignores that within a 48-hour period starting on May
17, Arab terrorists murdered 12 Israelis in five attacks. The
terrorist actions began even as Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
was meeting with Mahmoud Abbas, the new Palestinian prime minister.
Is that how the Palestinians intend to set the stage for the. mad
map to succeed?

Mr. Abbas has rejected calls to disarm the armed terrorist gangs,
including Hamas, This explicitly negates the speech by U.S.
President George W. Bush of June 24 2002, upon which the road map
is predicated. And Mr. Abbas has rejected Israel's demand to
renounce the "right of return", which is a coded term for the
destruction of Israel.

The Palestinians have had numerous opportunities to create a
state by peaceful means, but have rejected all proposals because
their true aim is the destruction of Israel.

SpecifiCally, in July 2000, then-Israli premier Ehud Barak made
the most generous offer possible, but PLO leader
Yasser Arafat walked away from the offer.

It was this fact that jolted me personally into researching the
Mideast conundrum; two years after I began my research, I found
myself converted into a staunch supporter of Israel.

Mr. Ross is also wrong that the Palestinlans "are so weak". How
can anyone perceive of the Palestinians as "weak" when 280 million
Arabs stand solidly behind them, together with an endless sea of
petrodollars, and the unqualifled support of most of the 1.2 billion
Muslims, the Europeal Union, Russia, China and the United Nations?

The. Palestinian "weaknes" is another myth perpetrated by Arab
propaganda and swallowed by gullible westerners.

Joseph Alexander Norland, Ottawa