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May 21, 2003

A two-state solution is no solution

Rachel Neuwirth is a Los Angeles based analyst on the board of directors of the West Coast Region of the American Jewish Congress and the chairperson of its Middle East committee. She wrote
It appears that the continuing suicide-homicide culture is deeply entrenched and widely justified by the majority of the Arab Palestinians. The Palestinian leadership, with the support of the Arab World, chooses to express its ideology, art, and literature via vile affronts to humanity, and towards Israel in particular. The culture of "Jew-killing" is so well entrenched within Palestinian culture that security for Israel is not possible short of a total non-contiguous separation between the two people. How can Israelis be expected to live "side-by-side" with those constantly threatening them?

Why does the Left constantly ignore the Palestinians' lack of humanity, decency, and morality? There can never be any justification of such savagery! It must be stopped immediately and by all means!

The urgent need to deal with the hordes reared in a suicide/homicide-breeding culture is dire. It takes precedence over any other political problem. Yet, this crystal clear reality escapes some intellectuals, whom I call "intellectual terrorists," because they support terrorists, at least tacitly, and that includes the appeasers.

The appeasers use flawed etiology to twist cause and effect and have also set out to delegitimize Israel as a Jewish national homeland. The appeasers put the onus on the firemen instead of on the arsonist. Expecting to "sweet talk" our way out of this mess is pure folly.

[...] Arabs who refuse to live in peace with Israel must relocate to other lands -- and as far away as possible, if need be. Terrorism must be fought relentlessly. A military solution is the only viable option to combat and abate continuous horrific terrorism. There should be no compromise in dealing with terrorists or those who harbor them.

To the appeasers who claim that Israel commits "state terrorism," let it be known that Israel acts with the highest regard for human rights. Considering the horrific and continual barbarism Israel has had to face since its re-establishment as the Jewish State, she has acted with remarkable restraint.

President Bush, please know this: the Israelis and the Arab Palestinians cannot live side by side in peace. This is a proven fact. It's time to face it. Your vision of a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel is not feasible considering the nearly century-old experience of vicious Arab hatred and terrorism. Additional decades of living side by side with a Palestinian state will destroy both Israel and the Arab Palestinians! It will merely be a preparation for a future, more devastating "Intifada 3!" How much more blood must be spilled for you to realize this? MORE

She is one gutsy lady and she is associated with the American Jewish Congress. It looks like we are going mainstream with our opposition to a two state solution.