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May 10, 2003

This is not True Peace

Colin Powell recently said "Terrorism will not stop Peace", say what!?

He seems to have found a human anomaly in which Peace consists of Terrorism.

This oxymoron has not stopped his intent to force Israel to have "Peace" with Terrorism, whatever that means.

Here are some helpful pointers for the clueless on what True Peace does NOT consist of.

True Peace does not consist of: Terrorism

True Peace does not consist of: Jew-free neighborhoods within Israel

True Peace does not consist of: Children murdered in their beds.

True Peace does not consist of: Rockets being shot into your country on a regular basis.

True Peace does not consist of: Daily incitement to murder Jews on government funded media.

We must all ask ourselves "why is he fighting for a fake peace?"

Why is Powell intent on "peace" with Terrorism?

What kind of peace is that?

What kind of Peace is that Colin Powell, is that peace you can live with?

Then do NOT ask me to!

To Our Friends in Israel Colin Powell does not speak for us Americans and his objective is not in our name so do not go along with it at all, we are with you do not give up!