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May 02, 2003

Thinking out of the Box.

What box is that? You might ask.

The one imposed on Israel by the world including the US. Restrain yourself until we can work out a settlement where you get out of the occupied territories and agree to borders roughly along the green line. Never mind that your people are being killed and demonized and that your economy is being greatly weakened. Never mind that the Arabs will never accept you and will plot to destroy you. That box.

If you ask any Jew or supporter of Israel if Israel could have any solution it wants, what would it be? We would all answer Israel’s eastern border will coincide with the Jordanian border and that All Arabs within the state of Israel be relocated. Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan.

After all we won it fair and square in a defensive war. It is ours. We need it for growth. We need to be in control of our water resources. We need the high ground for defensive purposes. Our biblical roots are there. The reasons are self obvious and too many to mention here.

Our fight is with the Arabs, not the “Palestinians”. We are not trying to work out a border between Israel and the Palestinians but Israel and the other Arab countries. They already have 22 countries and more land and wealth then they know what to do with. The Arabs within these borders can easily be absorbed on these lands with their wealth. These countries should be responsible to absorb them. After all, they started the wars that created them. Israel from the Mediterranean to the Jordan represents maybe 4% of the total land area.

Israel must make its demands known and show the courage and passion to fight for them.

We will not be alone. The American people will be with us. The debate should shift from where the borders will be to how to get rid of the Arabs within them. Many Road Maps can be drawn up that explore that issue from the extreme of forcible transfer to the balm of inducement to resettle. Or a combination of both. Don’t worry; forcible transfer was approved by the world when Israel forcibly transferred Jews out of the Sinai. Forcible transfer is now intended for the Jews in the territories as soon as the ’67 borders are forced upon us. So if the borders are to be the Jordan River, then it will be the Arabs who will be transferred.

Now let us assume that the Arabs will be mad at us or will be calling for our death and destruction. We’ve seen it all before and are exposed to it daily. So what’s the difference? At least we will have great borders, no demographic problem no water problem, no terrorism etc. What can be bad?