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May 02, 2003

Take it from me

This woman is brilliant

BECKY JOHNSON is a San Francisco Bay Area Leftist who has been active in Leftist movements for years and is well-known in such circles.A homeless advocate writer and television producer in Santa Cruz, she has written articles on police brutality, welfare, laws affecting ghe poor, and has been active in the anti-war movement. . Her Leftist activism has landed her in jail in the past. A member of the "Free Radio Santa Cruz" radio collective and former show host, she is the granddaughter of Finnish communists and a member of the Green party yet parts company with her Leftist comrades when it comes to her support of Israel. She is not Jewish.

She writes to a friend to a fellow Leftist, fisking a Free Palestine Alliance (FPAS) brochure she received.

I have never seen a better job. READ IT. And while you are at it read her other pieces. She is brilliant as they say in the UK.