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May 08, 2003

Syria, hanging tough (Ted Belman)

The State Department ineffective. How come?

When Iraq was defeated I expected the US to continue to Damascus. Especially, after there was a barrage of revelations about its complicity. Then all of a sudden we heard things like "The US military can't fight another war now." or "The American people wouldn't stand for it." or "Syria is now cooperating" and finally "Powell will visit Damascus". What happened?

When Powell went seemly to make demands and give ultimatums he said that he didn't bring "carrots" suggesting that he was being tough. But it appears he didn't bring a club either for Syria has done little to comply. What is going on here?

Emanuel A. Winston in an article entitled Syria Discovered to Be Terrorist Nation says the US has been begging it for years to make peace with Israel so that they could take Syria off the the list of terror states so that it could be given US military equipment like Egypt has been receiving, to the benefit of US arm's manufacturers and Syria and to the detriment of Israel and the American taxpayers.
[...] Under President Hafez al Assad, Syria built its chemical and missile capability for over 30 years – with no objection from the U.N., E.U. or U.S. – until now. Israeli Intelligence had long ago penetrated Syria’s manufacturing capabilities in producing chemicals which kill as well as its collaboration with North Korea, China and Russia to extend the range of chemically loaded missiles.

All of this information was repeatedly reported to America’s CIA, State Department and numerous presidents. This intelligence was disregarded by all the above.

It would appear that Syria came into focus when it began accepting Saddam’s weapons for safekeeping and later offered refuge to Saddam’s escaping Ba’athist cohorts.

[...] Syria could task these hydra-headed terror organizations with missions against Israel and Americans as a reciprocal payback for services mutually rendered. Syria was identified as having been the source of the 1983 truck bomb massacre against the American Marine barracks in Lebanon, which killed 241 Marines.

The order to retaliate was given by then-President Ronald Reagan but was rescinded by then-Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger – "for political reasons." Syria had deep connections within the U.S. State Department and in Washington generally. We may never know the reasons unless we take over the Syrian intelligence headquarters as we did in Iraq.

James Baker, III, secretary of state under former President Bush, also visited Assad in Syria repeatedly, trying to bring Assad into line with America’s plans and policies – to no avail.

It was reported that Baker shared sensitive intelligence given to him by Israel from her own agents under deep cover in Syria. It was said that he was trying to improve his credibility with Assad. This allowed Assad to roll up Israel’s Humint (human intelligence) network, and those agents of Israel were backtracked and killed.

Of course, Baker denied that he had exposed the Israeli cell. Some may recall Baker’s attitude about Jews when he was reported to have said "F**k the Jews; they don’t vote for us anyhow."

During Bill Clinton’s term in office, an effort was made to broker a peace favorable to Syria in a rather peculiar way. Israel was to withdraw from her excellent military position on the high ground of the Golan Heights, recovered from Syria after years of Syria’s forces shelling the Jews on the plain beneath the Heights.

[...] Israel was to degrade her security, based on promises, much the same as is being offered in the so-called "Road Map" of today.

Some may recall the 27 official visits to Assad by Clinton’s secretary of state, Warren Christopher, pleading with Syria to lower her profile on supporting terrorism so she could be taken off of the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism and initiate the process of receiving military and other aid.

This would then allow American "defense" industries to sell, or rather "gift," Syria with $20 billion to $40 billion in tanks, aircraft, missiles and electronics – all paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

Syria was slated to receive the same ‘free’ package, courtesy of the American taxpayers. This is a dirty political trick that numerous presidential administrations have used, making U.S. citizens suckers. In any case, the deal at that time didn’t go through because Assad could not bring himself to make any deal with the Israelis.

But – and it’s a big BUT – that deal may be resurrected, with U.S. defense industries lobbying for another sweetheart deal for both Syria and Iraq.

To accomplish this feat of magic, the Bush administration must return to the plan to force Israel off the Golan Heights, followed by the pretense that the president of Syria is seeking peace and, thus, can be taken off the list of terrorist-sponsoring nations.

Presumably, this will be an extension of the Bush-Powell "Road (Rogue) Map" plan.

In the end, it will be Israel that will pay an extraordinarily heavy price, having been forced into accepting another Arab Palestinian terror state in her heartland and being pushed off the Golan in the North, with hostile Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian troops poised over her head – plus a few al-Qaeda terrorists who already have sanctuary in Syria and Iraq. MORE
Israel was always considered a strategic asset. But in what way was this meant. Just as the terror masters maintain their terror organizations to elicit benefits for calling them off, so too, the US maintains Israel, the stronger the better, so that it can beat up on Israel in order to get what it wants from the Arabs.

The Arabs want the US to be " even handed" which is a code phrase for putting more pressure on Israel. In reality it never treats Israel as an equal to the Arabs and always favours the Arabs when it is to its benefit.

When you consider what Syria has been offered in the past and turned down, you better understand the depths of its hatred for Israel and the basis for it saying that Israel will never be accepted in the Arab world.