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May 04, 2003

Seeking Peace in the Middle East

A nice discussion that presents interesting remarks and supportive links. The main arguement is that Bush now knows that the Palestinians are going to have to make the first move if there is to be some give and take for negotiations becasue no one can try for peace while terror attacks are going on. And of course Arafat out. Here is a very small extract, the conclusion
Ultimately, there won't be peace until the Palestinians collectively want it. Until now they've claimed to want peace, but the only peace they'd actually accept would come through total victory over Israel. It will only be when they want peace more than victory that peace will become possible. I think it will happen, but not because of this roadmap. It will happen as part of our larger effort to try to straighten out the larger problem of Arab failure over the course of the next 30 years. Until then, the roadmap is a useful way to force the Palestinians to begin to implement reforms, and to keep the Europeans and Russians and UN entertained. But will the "roadmap" process actually lead directly to peace? No; not until other larger events help to manipulate the situation to force the Palestinians to give up the struggle. You can't plan peace unless both sides actually want peace, and right now the Palestinians still don't.[more]