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May 30, 2003

Salute to Israel Parade/ Protest against the anti Israel protestors.

Sunday June 1 in NYC is the annual Israel Day Parade. It is up fifth avenue from 59th or so up till 80 or so from around noon to 3 or 4 (boy some exact info.

Last year there was an anti Israel protest of a few hundred people (the NYTimes gave this protest more coverage than the parade which had about 3000 times more people (NYT later retracted). The protestors were directly on the parade route at Grand Army Plaza (SW corner 59th and Fifth). The bulk of the parade marchers are elementary children. I have been told by a couple of their teachers that they were shocked by these protestors screaming at them. If you were in the crowd of the parade though you could get no where near the protestors to yell at them.

A friend of mine has spoken to the police to express concern about the placement of the protestors (they only have to be within sight and sound, not touch) and has filed a permit to protest against the protestors. He will invite all members of the audience to come and help out. He has not heard from the police about where this will take place but you can assume that it will be at the SW corner of 59th and fifth during the parade. I will be there, come and help out.