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May 21, 2003

Rush Limbaugh on Israel's Problems with the Palestinians

As a follow up to one of Bunuel's posts yesterday, here's what Rush Limbaugh had to say
(Note: I'm not sure if the link will continue to work after today, as such I've posted the text)

We've had five terrorist attacks in Israel in the last few days, and a huge attack that came on the day that Ariel Sharon was going to be meeting with the new Palestinian prime minister, which ought to show people that what the Palestinians want is anything but peace.

The point of this commentary is that the Palestinians don't want peace and the Arabs in the Middle East don't want peace. They want the end of Israel. They want the destruction of Israel. More and more of these pieces are being written because the truth is inescapable now. There have been so many overtures for peace, there have been so many efforts made, and the closer it appears to be getting to peace, the more violence erupts. All the liberals of the world say that dialogue is the most crucial ingredient to peace, do they not? Clearly the most crucial ingredient to peace is victory. You don't get peace unless it is preceded by victory. That's called the Limbaugh Doctrine, but liberals think you can bring peace by appeasing your enemy, and through dialogue, nurses, doctors, clean water, exchange programs, etc.

There was going to be "dialogue," a little meeting between Ariel Sharon and the new Palestinian official this week and what happened? Attack after attack after attack, suicide bombing after suicide bombing. The last thing these people want over there is peace. I don't care whether you call it Oslo or Camp David or Camp David II, or the road map to peace, the fact is that there's no Palestinian, no Syrian, no Iranian, who will accept an Israeli state.

Everybody talks about establishing a Palestinian state, but the real effort being made here is the destruction of the Israeli state. If we've learned anything since September 11th, it's that you simply cannot negotiate with terrorists. Why we have learned this everywhere but the Middle East is beyond me. I'm a big believer in democracy and republican government, but the conditions for democracy among the Palestinians don't exist.

If the truth be known, folks, the Palestinians are not all that liked by these neighboring Arab nations. The Jordanians don't want the Palestinians anywhere near them, the Saudis don't want the Palestinians anywhere near them, the Lebanese don't even want them there, the Iraqis don't want them anywhere near them - and even though the Iranians aren't Arabs, they don't want them. The Palestinians are simply being used as a weapon for all these other nations. It's so classically obvious