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May 10, 2003

Roadmap: Mini-Status Report

Through his mailing list, Mike Diamond contributes significantly to the cause of pro-Israel advocacy by disseminating relevant articles and by promoting discussion. In a recent e-mail missives, Mike presented a mini-status report with which I did not agree. The feedback I sent to Mike is reproduced below becuase it summarizes a few of the recent, significant developments.

Ottawa, 9 May 2003

Dear Mike,

In your letter dated 9 May, 2003, you state that, "There is little news on the Roadmap at this point- which suggests that most of what is happening is going on in the back rooms. "

I beg to differ. There is much that is going on, all bad for Israel, and all in the open - for those who wish to see. The object of this letter is to substantiate this statement.

First, I'd like to refer you to two items from the daily news bulletin of Arutz 7. The first deals with Arafat's consolidation of power:

PLO chieftain Yasser Arafat has appointed, over the past few days, dozens of senior clerks and officials throughout the PA administration...

A senior PA official told Itim News Agency that Arafat is attempting to amass more power and support within the PA. The source said that more than 58 Fatah members from all over the PA-controlled areas have been appointed to senior positions...

The PA source also said that Arafat has intervened directly in the Abu Mazen government, by promoting Abdel Aziz Sharia - who is responsible for "appointments" in the PA - to a position equivalent to that of government minister...Arafat similarly promoted his chief office manager, Ramzi Hori, to a ministerial rank...

In a word, rather than "there is little news", in fact there is crucial news: Arafat is openly flouting both the June 24, 2002, speech and the Roadmap. Furthermore, not only is Arafat openly consolidating power, but he continues to preside over constant Arab violence, as the following Arutz 7 report testifies:
The small Negev city of Sderot... was fired on six more times this morning. Two of the Kassam rockets landed in populated areas, wounding an elderly woman and a girl.

More attempted murders by PA terrorists against Israelis last night: Arabs fired at soldiers near Yitzhar in central Shomron last night? A jeep was fired on near Ateret further south? Even further south, past Hevron, Palestinian terrorists fired at a car near Otniel...

Second, I'd like to refer you to three articles posted in IsraPundit.

Today, May 9, 2003, an article entitle "It never rains but it pours", quotes abu Mazen as saying,

"This is Arafat's government and I don't believe he is placing obstacles in its path. Therefore its success is as important for him as it is important for everybody else."

In other words, abu Mazen himself confirms that the new "Palestinian" government contravenes the stipulations of the June 24, 2002, speech and the Roadmap.

Yesterday, 8 May, 2003, an article entitled "The PA has already failed the Roadmap test", quotes a ZOA weekly report on Arab progress regarding the Roadmap. The ZOA report examined nine different areas, showing zero progress or negative progress in all. The foregoing IsraPundit article also refers to a MEMRI report proving serious incitement by a PA representative in Morocco.

I urge you to reproduce the ZOA report in your e-mail, so that people can get a glimpse of reality.

A third Israpundit article, posted on 7 May, 2003, is entitled "How "Palestinians" demonstrate their burning desire for peace", quotes the mainstream media as follows:
Abbas, a refugee himself, said, "The refugees issue is for the final status. Keep it there and we will discuss it.

"Why would I drop the right of return for refugees? It is not my right to drop it."
The three IsraPundit articles cited above have this thread in common: the "Palestinians" are once again pulling the wool over our eyes - Oslo revisited.

Those, like Dennis Ross, who see progress, are blind on two levels. First, the level of daily life on the ground, as illustrated above. The daily news reflects anything but progress. Second, on the root cause level, the one that addresses such issues as (i) Arab incitement (ongoing with full vigour), (ii) the fact that Israel is accepted neither by the Arabs in Yesha nor by the Arab states around; (iii) the fact that Israel's existence is incompatible with the creation of a sovereign, terrorist Arab state in Western "Palestine"; (iv) the fact that the Arabs cling to the "right of return" fiction. There has been no change in any of these areas.

Let us not confuse the way thins are with the way we'd like things to be.

I strongly recommend joining Mike's (free) mailing list: