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May 08, 2003

The Roadmap, continued

On the Road Again

Martin Kimel details how the NY Times is building its own road.
With "Ariel Sharon's Delaying Tactic," the NY Times editorial board again decides what is in Israel's best interests, and how dare those Israelis slow down the plan imposed on them! Disingenuous to its core, the editorial essentially says, "Hey, there's nothing here that's irreversible until later, Israel, so start implementing it," as if pressure on the Jewish state to proceed to a destination it considers extremely dangerous won't build once Israel starts down that road. Note also how the editorial tries to personalize the Israeli government's disagreements with Powell's approach, accusing Sharon of trying to again "undercut Mr. Powell's authority." Nice one.

And this from the editorial page whose lead letter today says that we should open up the legitimacy of a Jewish state to question. Now that would really help achieve peace in the Middle East. I know that the paper doesn't necessarily endorse the views of its letters to the editor, but placing this letter first, never mind publishing it at all, indicates that the Times thinks this is a point well worth making.
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The Jerusalem Post on Israel at 55.

The road map, a throwback to the pre-9/11 paradigm that still dominates European and UN thinking, is a harmful distraction, but it does not change the fundamental reality: The greatest and most powerful nation in the world is now in the trenches with us in a way it never has been before.

It would, of course, be better on this anniversary if we did not have to fight, and if the euphoria of the mid-90s had been more related to reality.

It would be better if, as we remember our fallen and celebrate our independence, we would no longer have to guard our kindergartens, coffee houses, and malls. It would be better if the US and Israel had more support from other democracies, given that we have been attacked and are fighting back. But it is better to be in a fight that has a chance of bringing lasting peace than in a "peace" built on denial, leading only to war.