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May 19, 2003

The road wil be bumpy, but...(President G.W. Bush)

Thoughts on a sad day By Yehuda Poch

"The entire world had such high expectations of Abu Mazen, the new Palestinian prime minister. He would change the situation. He would wrest control of the government from Arafat and begin the dawn of a new era of peace, non-corrupt government, negotiation, friendship, and trust not marred by terrorism or hate. He would end incitement in Palestinian media and in school curricula. He would begin to deal with the Jews -- finally -- as humans.

There were a few lone voices screaming about Abu MazenĀ“s doctoral thesis, in which he described the Holocaust as a hoax. There were a few who screamed about the fact that he was the financier for the Munich Olympic massacre in 1972. There were even those who pointed out that Arafat still pulled the strings.

The world paid no attention. Rather, yet another attempt was made to ignore reality and dream in living colour about peace finally descending on the Holy Land, as two nations sat down next to each other in peace and democracy.

The world seems to enjoy illusion over fact when dealing with Israel".(Please read the rest).