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May 22, 2003

The Right Man, Part III

The crunch is on, as expected. Forgotten is The Right Man's speech about democracy and "leadership not compromised by terror" as pre-conditions for a "Palestinian" state. The Right Man is now thoroughly involved in the old US game of bullying its one Middle East ally, Israel.

Here are the facts. Ha'Aretz reports today (21 May 2003, story post-dated to 22 May 2003) that [bold font and comments in brackets, added]:

U.S. demanding Israel formally accept road map

The U.S. administration is demanding Israel formally accept the road map to a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so that it does not appear to be recalcitrant trying to delay advancing the political process. [What happened to a discussion on Israel's 15 comments???]
American officials told senior Israeli officials that they are under heavy pressure from Arab countries to make Israel accept the road map. [These are the 22 Arab countries who unanimously opposed the liberation of Iraq by the US!] They made clear that the issue of "acceptance" not become an obstacle to its implementation, giving
the Palestinians an excuse not to act against the terror groups. The administration has also rejected Israel's distinction between Bush's June 24 speech and the road map meant to implement it.
Meantime, on the Arab side, there is little other than intransigence and terrorism. Shortly after Tuesday's phone conversation with The Right Man, this is what AP had to report about Abu Mazen, in a May 21 story entitled "Sharon's Chief of Staff to Talk to Bush" :
In an Arab television interview, however, Abbas reaffirmed his support for Arafat as the Palestinians' legitimate leader and accused Israel of trying to make Arafat a scapegoat.

From the outset, Bush dismissed Arafat as both ineffective and involved in terror. While Bush never invited Arafat to the White House, a contrast to the attention lavished on the Palestinian by Bush's predecessor, Bill Clinton, Abbas is expected to be invited to Washington to see Bush in the months ahead.
Bush "will not be deterred by the current terrorist bombings," Fleischer said. "He understands it will present a slowdown, a delay in this meeting, a bump on the road, but it will not deter him because he thinks there is no other choice."
Of course The Right Man "will not be deterred" - those who are blown to pieces are not his people, they are Sharon's people! And so, as David Warren observed today, The Right Man has given the terrorists a license to murder with impunity - with no penalty at all.

It did not take long for the terrorists and the one who sends them to get back on the job. Thus, JPost reported today (story post dated to May 22) as follows:
Firebomb thrown at car on Efrat-Tekoa road near Jerusalem

A firebomb was thrown at an Israeli vehicle on the Efrat - Tekoa road near Jerusalem late Wednesday night [May 21, 2003].

The firebomb exploded on the car and set it alight, reports Israel Radio.

The driver managed to stop the car and make his way out safely, suffering only minor burns.
In an additional story, JPost reports on even more terrorism:
Two large bombs discovered near Jewish community in Gaza Strip

An IDF force uncovered two large explosive devices north of the Dugit settlement in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening.

The bombs, weighing 100 kg and 150 kg respectively, were found hidden close to the separation fence between Jewish settlements in the northern Gaza Strip and the Gaza city.

Additional reports in this vein from IMRA, May 21, 2003:
IDF Forces Uncover Explosives Laboratory Used to Manufacture Material for Suicide Bombings

During IDF operations in the Nablus Casbah overnight (May 20, 2003), IDF forces uncovered an explosives laboratory that manufactured material for use in suicide bombings against Israeli civilians and security forces.

The laboratory contained 6 explosive belts, (3 of which were ready for use), 25kg of T.A.T.P explosives material, and additional chemicals intended for use in explosive devices. IDF forces also found a suitcase filled with explosives and ball bearings.

IDF forces along the Israel-Egypt border, near Rafah, were fired at last night.

Anti-aircraft shells were fired at the western sector of the Israel-Lebanon border overnight.
... And I strongly suspect that we only receive a fraction of the news dished out to Israelis on a daily basis. Of course, the US president ""will not be deterred by the current terrorist bombings", for he is The Right Man, isn't he? Isn't he?

Or should we start facing reality for what it is?