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May 15, 2003

Rice: Israel’s Security Is Key To Security Of Rest Of World

In an exclusive interview with Israel’s daily Yediot Aharonot recently, National Security Adviser Dr. Condoleezza Rice said that the “security of Israel is the key to security of the world.” Rice added that she feels “a deep bond to Israel.

In reading her amplification of this statement I was satisfied that she means it and feels it. I was less satisfied with her answers to policy questions
Rice was asked why the U.S. is not determined to get rid of Yasir Arafat as it was with Saddam Hussein.

“There are several difference between the situation in Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” she said. “As President Bush made it clear, there is a potential to resolve the conflict via the solution based on two states, one Israel and the other Palestine. We feel that a two-state formula is for the benefit of both nations. [Is she kidding? "A potential to solve the problem" is wishful thinking. She must ignore the Palestinian desire to destroy Israel. Does she believe there is such a thing as a Palestinian nation? Absurd.]

“In the case of Saddam Hussein, he was a dictator for over 30 years, had violated UN resolutions, he attacked his neighboring countries twice, and developed weapons of mass destruction. The solution to Saddam Hussein had to be military.” [And wasn't Arafat a terrorist for 40 years and hasn't he broken all his agreements? Why does he deserve to survive. He is the problem just as Hussein was the problem.]

Rice was also asked why the U.S., which is opposed to having the European countries that were against the war in Iraq take part in the creation of a new Iraqi government, accepts those same countries as partners in drawing up an Israel-Arab settlement. [I don't think she answered the question but decide for yourself.]

“I don’t think that we can gain anything by drawing a parallel between the situation in Iraq and the situation with the Palestinians. [Why not?] We never said that whoever was not our partner in the Iraqi war cannot participate in helping form a new government there. Our approach is that all member-states in the UN can participate. We owe this to the Iraqi people. At the same time it must be clear that the coalition who fought Saddam will have a leadership role in this endeavor.

“As for the Israel-Palestinian case, the president feels that anyone in the international community can make a concrete contribution. Israel has a responsibility. The Palestinians have a responsibility. Most certainly the neighboring Arab countries have a responsibility to create a region where Israel will not live under the threat of terror and incitement.” [She might have added that since the EU and the UN were obstructionist in US attemps to solve the Iraqi question and that it would be better to keep them out of the Israeli Palestinian solution]

On the issue of settlements, Dr. Rice said, “We always said that settlements were an obstacle to peace.” [There is no logic to this. Israel's existence is an obstacle to peace. Every demand either side makes is an obstacle to peace. So, saying so, is to state the obvious. It doesn't necessarily follow that settlements must be removed to achieve peace. It can also be said that the Arab opposition to the settlements is an obstacle to peace. The only question is, who if anyone, gets their way.]
It bothers me that the US keeps holding to this position. It shows clearly that they want to appease the Arabs even to the point of requiring Jews to be forcibly transferred out of Yesha. Time to stop referring to the residents of these communities as "settlements" and the residents as "settlers". They are Israelis, plain and simple. No different than Israelis generally although they certainly will fight harder to keep their homes and to have them incorporated into Israel.