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May 17, 2003

Red Cross Caught Red-Handed

The link in this article is broken but the text suffices for the point being made
Red Cross Caught Red-Handed: The International Red Cross won't admit the Israeli aid organization, Magen David Adom, into its ranks. The Red Cross claims that the reason for its refusal of full membership is the Star of David which the group uses as its symbol; no religious imagery is allowed, according to the organization (the cross is not meant to be a religious image). This claim however is belied by the fact that the Red Cross allows Arab organizations to use the Crescent--a Muslim religious symbol--as their logo.

This is rank hypocrisy. The real reason behind the Red Cross's decision is not squimishness about religious icons, but anti-Israeli sentiment, pure and simple. The Red Cross claims to be both universal and neutral, and yet, it has allowed politics to bias its decision against Israel, bowing to its Arab members' wishes and attempting to punish Israel for its actions against Palestinian terrorists. Note that the Red Cross has 178 member nations--none of which have been singled out for their political actions or human rights abuses, despite including such countries as Egypt and Jordan. (I should note though that the American Red Cross supports Magen David Adom and has been pushing for their acceptance by the Red Cross.) It makes the Red Cross no better than the Arab countries, which as Gary Kenzer, director of a Skokie charity that raises funds for Magen David Adom says, won't accept Israeli aid for fear that "if you say 'yes' to the star of Magen David Adom, you are also saying 'yes' to Israel's right to statehood."