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May 25, 2003

Racism in the War Against Islam

Whether the PC crowd likes it or not we in fact are in a war against Islam, because Islam calls for the destruction or enslavement of all un-believers.

But Muslims like to claim this is a "racist" war, because doing so, especially in America, scores emotional points for them. After all, we're still recovering from Black slavery – which we also have Muslims to thank for. So we don't like hearing that "R" word, especially when it is aimed in our direction. We can't stand that some outside entity, the rest of the world for instance, might think us racist any longer. So we tend to back away, heads hung in shame, any time the word is used against us (rightly or wrongly).

As Ann over at Spiced Sass has pointed out, people of myriad ethnic backgrounds embrace Islam – just as the same is true of Christianity or any other major religion. So the race angle here is really just a emotional ploy, a red herring, right?

But what if, during the pursuit of this war, we say things like, "Let's nuke the Middle East!", or "Kill all rag heads!" or some such nonsense, because the majority of Muslims are indeed Arab. Is that racist? Is it racist to acknowledge, after much study on the subject, that the majority of all Islamic hatred against us does actually come from one specific racial group? Is it racist to then hate that group in return for their own racism and their hatred against us? After all, America is largely White and Christianity is considered the same – and damn the fact of our melting-pot origins.

I'm not sure that can even be taken as a sign of this being a racist war, at least not on our part. Because Black Muslims have shown no hesitation to attack America, either through propaganda or through violence. Yet I hear not a single person saying, "Let's carpet-bomb the inner cities and college campuses!" or "Let's kill the niggers!".

In fact, we hate our own extremists, those who hate for hate's sake alone, who preach insanity and bask in ignorance. Groups such as the KKK. We don't consider them a part of "us", or a part of "our cause". They are outcasts. We scorn them at every turn. We push them away. Laugh at them. Mock them. Tear apart their "arguments". Send them off to wallow in their stupidity alone. We do lots of things in their regard. But we don't listen to them, we don't take them seriously, we don't include them in our circle of influence, we don't give them any power or authority, we don't look up to them as role models and we certainly don't consider them heros.

But our Muslim enemies don't think this way. If they find a Wahabist among them they embrace him, they encourage him, they hide him, they feed him, they give him money, they admire him to the point of sainthood and to the world they pretend that they have only marginal sympathies for him, that they don't really care for his inflammatory notions and his zealous hatred of all things non-Islamic, his unthinking, anti-Semitic, anti-West rage.

But that's all part of the War. Keep us off balance, make us unsure of where exactly the hatred is coming from, hope we fail to recognize those who will unleash violence against us.

Whether we like it or not, racism is an element of this War. It has to be, because our enemy is sworn to wipe out not only White Christians and Westerners, but every Jew upon the face of the planet.

Is this War against Islam a racist war? Not at all, though some fighting with us may indeed be racists. We would return their hatred to them no matter what their race. We don't hate them because they are Arab or because they are Black. We hate them because they would kill us, destroy all we hold dear, rape our women, molest our children and justify it all with the Quran. That they are Black or Arab or Green or tall or short or bearded or bald or what have you, is incidental.

We did not and do not want this war. We'd be perfectly happy to not only end our fight but to embrace those who have made themselves our enemies, if only they would end their aggression and set aside their mythology-based desire to murder not only us, but our culture. We'd help them pull themselves up out of the Middle Ages. We'd share our prosperity with them. We'd feed their starving, heal their sick, educate their ignorant. So calling our righteous anger, our need to defend our children and ensure the continuation of our freedom, hatred, is really to use a misnomer. Hatred is not so rational. Hatred, while a real a valid human emotion, cannot be turned of so conveniently.

We don't really hate our enemy, though it often feels like we do. But we can't and won't tolerate the threat he poses to us, to our children, to our country, to our values and to our way of life. If we need to act hatefully in order to protect ourselves then so be it. We will get no pleasure from it, but we will not allow politically correct niceties to place us in a position of weakness, where we are forced to watch as 3,000 or so more of our friends, family and countrymen are slaughtered by our Muslim foes.

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