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May 06, 2003

Pro-Palestinian 'activists' set up a mock check-point in Amsterdam.

To give it that touch of reality, that these 'activists' would like to deny, someone should have arrived as a mock suicide-bomber or mock sniper.
For Palestinian onlookers it was an emotional experience as it was performed with accuracy and detail, reliving the humiliation and frustration. For onlookers from other nationalities it was a learning experience. Many had no idea that Palestinians where treated so roughly, and felt betrayed by biased media coverage. They felt betrayed as they thought they where well informed. Others who were more informed told activists that they hoped for a fair and just peace. Many pro-Israeli onlookers shrugged angrily at the organizers, unwilling to fathom the bitter pill of confrontation. They chose to turn their backs and walk away.

So, when exactly does this group plan on recreating, for the Dutch, a realistic Palestinian classroom where children are told of the joys of muirdering Jews, or perhaps they can present a mock pizza parlor with realistic body parts of men women and children strewn about after the suicide bomber hits, or perhaps they can put the Dutch on busses and give them the experience of never knowing if the next person on might explode? Maybe they can give the Dutch trhe real experience of having hundreds of millions of neighbors who want nothing more than to wipe their nation off the face of the planet.

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