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May 27, 2003

PR Wars

In its editorials, the Ottawa Citizen (a major daily in Canada's capital) is strongly supportive of Israel, even if this support is often obviated by reproducing news stories from Reuters and AP. I find it very instructive to read the paper’s editorials because they represent the brainchild of people who should know the PR world inside out.

Here is a good example. On Saturday, May 24, 2003, the Citizen ran an editorial entitled, “A starting point for peace”. In spelling out the hurdles facing the Roadmap, the editorial underscores the fact that the real objective of the “Palestinians” is the destruction of Israel. Indeed, of all the arguments (i) against implementing the Roadmap now, (ii) against the Roadmap in general, and (iii) against the creation of a sovereign “Palestine”, I find this argument to be the most compelling. The PR-savvy Citizen puts it thus:

The Roadmap will lead nowhere so long as the destruction of one party remains a non-negotiable objective of the other.
Simple, straightforward and worthy of being emulated.

In tomorrow’s post I will reproduce an exchange of letter to the editor, in which I was involved. Like the Citizen, I chose to concentrate on this one argument, selected from among scores of others. My point is, that we should learn from the pros and try to get out the most essential message in plain, forceful terms, even if we know that our quiver includes many, many more arguments.