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May 30, 2003

PM Sharon on Jerusalem

(From Arutz-7/Israel National News)--Last night PM Sharon gave a Yom Yerushalaim (Jerusalem Day) speech atop Ammunition Hill, where he stated that: "Jerusalem would never be compromised and the capital would remain undivided and under Israeli control, forever"

Yom Yerushalaim commemorates the re-unification of Jersualem by Israel during the Six Day War in 1967.

The translation of the PM's speech is as follows:

"It has been thirty-six years since there were barbed-wire fences in Jerusalem. The city is no longer strewn with minefields. No longer does the enemy watch us and spew fire from behind the city's walls and towers. Rather than a threatened and divided city, Jerusalem is a united, splendidly built, lively and vibrant metropolis, which has regained its glory. The State of Israel owes this all to its heroic warriors. The price was heavy and extremely painful. However, the Jewish people can marvel at the wondrous fulfillment of the prophetic vision - dream and prayer - yearned for, for generations.

"This fortified hill on which we stand is soaked with blood. In the late hours of that terrible night, the ditches and crevices of this battlefield were engraved into the glorious history of Israel. Ever since then, and forevermore, shall this place be a blossoming garden, an oasis of memory. Never again shall it know fire. Never again shall the enemy set foot in it.

"The State of Israel had no desire for war. The Government of Israel spared no effort in attempting to resolve the crisis by political means. The Arabs' fervor, arrogance and inflamed passions prevented any such resolution. Israel's destruction was their heart's desire. Israel was forced into an inescapable war - a war of salvation.

"The liberation and unification of Jerusalem was the historic, crowning achievement of the entire campaign. On that day, the signal was given. The paratroopers and soldiers of the Jerusalem Brigade stormed the Old City, scaled the Temple Mount and placed their hands on the stones of the Kotel. It was a time of release and elation, almost unparalleled in the history of Israel, and resonated in every Jewish heart. It was a time which will never be forgotten. [more]