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May 01, 2003

Personal loss from latest terrorist attack

Dear Readers,

Sadly, this issue of the IsReally Review is all-too-personal. There was an attack in Tel Aviv late on Tuesday night. I happened not to be there, by chance, because a friend (who happens to be a security guard) asked me to stay in Jerusalem to play at the local Mike's Place Open Jam, instead of going to the one at their branch in Tel Aviv. Some of my friends are now dead, and scores are wounded, including the security guard, "Avi", who saved many lives with his actions.

Less than twelve hours after Abu Mazen entered office as the new Palestinian Prime Minister, a pair British-Muslim homicide bombers affiliated with Mr. Mazen and Mr. Arafat's terrorist machine carried out a homicide bombing in Tel Aviv. The second bomber got away and is wanted.

The location of the attack -- Mike's Place blues bar -- is a popular American style bar-restaurant, frequented by a large mix of Israelis and tourists, mainly from Europe and the U.S. The bar itself is located just a few meters from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, on the beachfront "Herbert Samuel" boardwalk, which is packed with bars frequented by tourists, and has been targetted by terrorists in the recent past. The target could not be a clearer attack on "American interests" ... precisely the kind of attacks that Islamic terrorists have vowed to keep attacking, despite the ongoing peace efforts in the region.

As if in some grotesque "recurring theme" -- it seems that yet another step towards an Israeli-Palestinian agreement would not go forward without exacting the price of Jewish blood, just hours after Israel had ended its national day of mourning for victims of another dark period in Jewish history: the Nazi Holocast.

IsReally, being personally affected by the loss of life and injury caused to scores more in this horrible massacre, has posted relevant stories to the site, and will continue to monitor the progress of recovery. The stories of the heroes and victims of Mike's Place will not go unremembered.

To that end, from the time of the attack and well into the first night afterwards, patrons and friends of those affected met in Tel Aviv and at the local Mike's Place in Jerusalem, gathering mostly for support and comfort. As if to say: this is an awful time, even for those of us who have seen awful things before, but we are together, we live on, and inthat there is always hope.

The test for Abu Mazen is now clear: Stop the terrorists, or lose whatchance you had at achieving a state of lasting peace with Israel. A good first test would be to see how Mr. Mazen and Mr. Dahlan (the new Palestinian security minister) follow-up on this latest carnage. Those responsible, especially those with ties to Mr. Mazen, must be brought to ustice. If they do not, then the most drastic consequences must be exacted upon the Palestinian Terror Authority, its leaders, its murderers, and the terror which it foments. Since 9/11, the Taliban were cast aside. Then Saddam. Arafat and Abu Mazen -- if you fail, you're next.

We remember the fallen, their families, and pray for their full and speedy covery.Shalom