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May 18, 2003

Peres: Don't expect Abu Mazen to fight terror, Sharon should give him concessions

(Via LGF) From IMRA: Labor MK Shimon Peres made some extremely questionable remarks to Israel Radio:

Labor MK Shimon Peres told Israel Radio in a live interview that PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) cannot be expected to fight Palestinian terrorists. Instead, Peres suggested, Israel should offer concessions to Abu Mazen so that Abu Mazen can show the terrorists that more can be gained via negotiations than terror.

Peres criticized Sharon, saying that Abu Mazen would have been strengthened if Sharon had given him concessions during the meeting last night.

With regards to the "problem" of terror, Peres said that the problem was not terror but suicide bombers.

Personally, I find these comments beyond extremely perplexing (if not extremely stupid). Afterall, if Sharon were to have made concessions, would that not be concedeing to terror? Second, if suicide bombers aren't "terror", then what is?

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