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May 20, 2003

Patently Dishonest

In his blog HAGANAH, Jack Rich has this to say about Saudi Arabia. And lauds the Washington Press for saying what needs to be said
The Washington Post can now be counted among the straight shooters when it comes to certain egregious regimes. They took the moral high ground on the need to rid the world of Saddam Hussein. They now have spoken forthrightly on hypocrisy and worse concerning "our friends" the Saudis.

The subject at hand is a phony list of countries "of particular concern for religious freedom" issued in March by our Arabist State Department. Phony because the major offender in the Islamic world, Saudia Arabia, isn't on this list.

Saudia Arabia, an important state only because they were lucky enough to be sitting on oil and gas resources, has zero religious freedom. We, sadly, need them for this reason, and have used their territory to protect their cowardly asses from big bad Saddie when he looked cross-eyed at them after seizing Kuwait.

In this wonderful kittylitter box of a country, it is literally illegal to practice Judaism or Christianity, or any religion except state-sanctioned loony tunes Islam. A Saudi who converts to any of these other religions can be killed by the state; some have been.

Saudi Arabia is also ground zero, in the form of "charities" and wahhabism, for the spread of anti-Semitic and anti-Western filth throughout the world. By no coincidence, Saudi Arabia was also the home of 15 of 19 9.11.01 murderers, not to mention unknown legions of other human pustules serving in al qaeda and other terror groups.

The Post shines the light of reason on at least the religious intolerance aspect of Saudi Arabia in an editorial, in today's edition. Their conclusion is that any list of countries "of particular concern for religious freedom" that does not include Saudi Arabia is a sham, and, in their words, "patently dishonest."

What to do about it is left for another time; it's only a brief editorial. But worry not, fair reader, the Saudi regime always will have its defenders. In the very same edition, in an op-ed (linked from Chicago Sun-Times; same column appeared in the Post), Robert Paleoconservative Novak raves about how we mustn't ruffle the Saudi rulers' feathers with this democracy nonsense:

...the barrage of U.S. criticism directed against the Saudi government threatens destabilization of another Arab country.
And, of course, Saudi "stability" has gotten us so many rich dividends. No one advocates anarchy. But what the Saudis and the rest of us need so desperately is precisely some instability. Instability in the form of regime change and the introduction of freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, and a good healthy national enema to get rid of the wahhabistas