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May 29, 2003

Palestinians seek explicit Israeli recognition of statehood at meeting

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President George Bush plans to hold his first summit with the leaders of Israel and the Palestinians in Jordan next week, putting his personal prestige on the line in hopes of an elusive peace deal. (4) Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas will ask Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at their upcoming meeting for an explicit declaration accepting the Palestinians' right to statehood, Palestinian officials said Wednesday. (6) With Middle East diplomacy gathering momentum, the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers are planning to hold a crucial meeting on Thursday, with both sides saying it is time to move forward on an international peace plan. (11) In a historic vote cast under intense U.S. pressure, Israel's government approved an internationally backed '' road map '' to peace Sunday and for the first time recognized the Palestinians' right to statehood. (23) The Israeli government for the first time officially accepted a Palestinian claim to eventual statehood today, as Sharon persuaded his right-wing government to endorse the steps of a new American-backed peace plan, known as the road map. (24) The Israeli action opens the way for a second meeting between Mr. Sharon and Mr. Abbas this week, officials said, and for a three-way summit meeting with President Bush early next month. (24) [more]