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May 26, 2003

Palestinian victims of terror

The View from Here in Israel informs us
Kifiya al-Tawil is a 34 year old widow with eight children. She lives in the Shuafat refugee camp near Jerusalem. Her husband, Ghaleb, was riding the Egged number 6 bus to work in Jerusalem when a fellow Palestinian boarded the bus, detonated his explosive belt, and blew Ghaleb and six Israelis to their deaths.

If one of these Palestinians went to paradise it was Ghaleb, not the fanatic murderer, dreaming of Islamic glory and virgins. Ghaleb al-Tawil was not the only Arab victim of Palestinian terror. The very next day Hassan Tuatha was killed by yet another suicide bombing in Afula.

Ghaleb al-Tawil had been given a cleaning job in Israel's Hadassah Hospital. He wanted to work there to be close to his 13 year old daughter, Iman, who has Downs syndrome, and is being treated at the Jerusalem hospital for leukemia. After work he would often sleep by her bed.

From his salary Ghaleb was not only supporting his wife and eight children, but also his mother, a niece, and a child from a previous marriage.

Ghaleb had supported his extended family from the salary earned by being allowed to work in Israel. His sick daughter enjoys the finest medical treatment in Israel. And now his widow and children will benefit from the generous financial, housing, and educational dispensations given by Israel's National Insurance to the victims of Palestinian terror.

I am also attaching a chart prepared by the IDF on the reduction and prevention of Palestinian suicide attacks against Israelis since the commencement of 'Operation Defensive Shield' in April, 2002.

Two facts become remarkably clear.
1. The sharp decrease in attacks implemented by Palestinians as a direct result of 'Operation Defensive Sheild'.
1. The huge increase in the number of suicide attacks foiled by the actions of Israeli intelligence
units and the IDF since the start of 'Operation Defensive Shield'.
Please note. There were 135 Israelis killed in suicide attacks in March, just prior to Israel taking action to search out and seal terror-based towns and villages. Despite the deadly results of suicide bombers that manage to reach their target, Israel has not suffered those monthly number of killed.

Closures, patrols, security road blocks may be unpleasant for Palestinians, but they have certainly saved hundreds of Israeli lives. The facts of the IDF suicide attack chart speak for themselves. Use it in answer to the accusation that Israeli actions in the territories are unjust.