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May 01, 2003

Palestinian toddler shot dead in Israeli Gaza raid

Read this account from Reuters. Clearly the death of a young child etc is what is intended to grab our attention. Oh, right. When you get to the bottom of the article you get a brief statement about why the Israelis raided this place. We discover that top Hamas officials inside the building. Now note this one extract:
Loudspeakers from mosques called on gunmen to rush towards Shijaia to confront Israeli forces. Gunmen armed with rifles, anti-tank rockets and explosive charges tried to fight off the incursion

That mosque is used for helping, encouraging and directing militants, sending messages from the pulpit so to speak.
this just posted at Debka headlines:Hamas Qassam rocket commander Yusuf Abu Hin and his two brothers among 13 Palestinians, including two children, killed in lengthy IDF counter-terror operation in the Sejaiya quarter of Gaza City.

The three barricaded themselves up with their families and armed supporters shooting and refusing to surrender. Eight Israeli Golani troops were injured. Force has withdrawn