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May 15, 2003

Palestinian Arab Deals on Wheels

Is this why the Palestinians need The Road? To use for their stolen cars? Not enough to steal money sent to help the Palestinians, low-lifes must also travel about in stolen cars. And then concoct (as usual) stories to explain away their actions.
Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat’s bureau chief and financial adviser, Fuaz Mahmoud Hamade, was arrested by Israel Police near Beituniya last week after he was found driving a stolen Israeli car.

Hamade, 54, told police he did not know the car was stolen, saying that he had received the car in the morning from the head of transport in Arafat’s Ramallah compound in order to drive his children to school. He said that his own vehicle had been destroyed when the IDF shelled the Mukata compound last year.

"The car Hamade drove had Palestinian license plates on it, but we matched the serial number on the engine and other body parts and found that it had been stolen from the Jerusalem area four months ago," said Binyamin district police chief Dep.-Cmdr. Itak Rahamim.

He noted that RA officials had been caught using stolen cars several times, in many cases smuggling weapons meant for terrorist organizations. Police recovered nine stolen vehicles in all during raids last Saturday, arresting one other suspect in addition to Hamade.

“Accompanied by the IDF - we daily enter Area A to search for stolen vehicles, in addition to operations in areas under Israeli security control," he said. Since Operation Defensive Shield Rahamim said, some 800 stolen vehicles had been caught in similar raids. Scores had been repainted and were used by the Palestinian Police, he added.