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May 08, 2003

The PA has already failed the Roadmap test

Ever since Bush delivered his famous speech on June 24, 2002, ZOA has monitored the non-compliance of the PA on a weekly basis, as reported in several articles posted on IsraPundit. Now, ZOA has began monitoring the compliance with the terms of the Roadmap, and the first report, dated 5 May 2003, has been posted at the ZOA site.

The ZOA analysis identifies nine specific requirements that the PA has to meet, and, in a detailed and documented report, ZOA concludes that no steps have been taken. Specifically, the ZOA reports on these nine requirements:

I. "Cease All Violence" (in fact, there were at least 22 terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which 3 people were murdered and 64 were wounded);

II. "Call for Recognizing Israel and Ending Violence" (No such statement was issued );

III. "Arrest, Disrupt, and Restrain Terrorists" ( no reports of any arrests of terrorists );

IV. "Confiscate Terrorists' Weapons"( no reports of the PA seizing any terrorists' weapons (The PA did not outlaw Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, or any other terrorist groups);

VI. "End All Incitement" (The PA's official newspapers, television, and radio continued to broadcast a steady stream of anti-Israel, anti-American, and pro-violence incitement, and PA officials continued to make inciting statements);

VII. "End Arab States' Support for Terror" (no reports of any Arab states cutting off their support for Palestinian Arab terrorist groups);

VIII. "Consolidate Security Forces" (Five different PA security organizations, including Force 17 and the General Intelligence, remain under the direct command of Chairman Yasir Arafat. Military Intelligence, the National Security Forces, and the naval forces are also under Arafat's control Arafat's five are under the control of a newly-created agency, the National Security Council, chaired by Arafat and his close aide Hanni al-Hassan);

IX. "Institute Democratic Reforms" ( No such steps have yet been taken).

The particular point of incitement warrants further elaboration, because a report released today by MEMRI confirms that the leopard has indeed not changed his spots. Following is MEMRI's introduction and the headings under which the incitement texts appear; for the full texts, check out the link. The article was posted under the title, "Palestinian Diplomat in Morocco on the War in Iraq, Zionism, and Israel":

On April 26, 2003, the Islamic website Islam Online hosted Wasef Mansour, a diplomat with the Palestinian mission in Morocco, in an online discussion titled "What Israel Gains From the Occupation of Iraq. During the discussion, Mansour held Israel responsible for the looting of museums and banks in Baghdad, called for Jihad against 'the occupiers' of Iraq, Palestine, and three cities under Spanish rule regarded by him as Moroccan, denied Israel's right to exist, and compared President George W. Bush to Hitler and other tyrannical leaders. The following are excerpts from Mansour's discussion with visitors to the website:

'Israeli Agents Looted Baghdad's Museums and Banks'
'We Must Liberate Occupied Iraq, Palestine, and Moroccan Cities Under Spanish Rule'
'The Establishment of the State of Israel is Unjustified'
'Zionism was Not Founded By Jews, But By Western Colonialists'
'Bush's Fate Will Be No Different From the Fate of the Tyrants Who Preceded Him'
What kind of compliance with the Roadmap is this? And what can one conclude about the intelligence of the two Quartet partners, the US and Spain, when they support this document on the one hand and are subject to "Palestinian" abuse on the other hand?