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May 19, 2003

Our friends the Palestinians

The title is mine. Here, some revealing tidbits via Martin Kimel. Be sure to view the links within Martin's article
Here's How Palestinians React to Suicide Bombers Who Slaughter Pregnant Women and Others:

Today, as Israelis mourned their dead, the police did not publicly link the two attacks. But in Hebron, a single mourning tent was set up for the two bombers, with coffee and candy handed out to the friends and relatives who gathered.

And let's hear it for Palestinian "due process":

Also, Palestinian militiamen shot to death a fellow Palestinian suspected of working as an informer for Israel. He was killed in a central square in the West Bank city of Nablus, witnesses said.

Don't hold your breath waiting for denunciations of this murder by pro-Palestinian groups or the international community.
* * *

Think Murdering the Wheelchair-bound Leon Klinghoffer is Hard to Top for Cruelty? Read this horrific account of Abu Abbas' earlier slaughter of a Jewish family. And this is the man the Palestinian Authority wants to go free.

* * *
Why so much anonymity? Look at this paragraph from John Ward Anderson's story on the latest Palestinian suicide bombing:

"Everything depends on Bush," said a senior Western diplomat before Sharon canceled his visit to Washington. He said Bush needed to appoint an envoy with senior stature to oversee the plan, commit to U.S. monitoring of it "on the ground," and impress upon Sharon that it is time to implement the road map, not renegotiate it.

Okay, I understand that the "senior Western diplomat" didn't want himself identified, but couldn't Ward have described him a little more narrowly? Is he a European diplomat? An American? Knowing the answer would inform how one reads the paragraph.