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May 03, 2003

Opposing the RoachMap

The following letter to the editor was published today (May 3, 2003) on p. B5 of the "Ottawa Citizen":

Mideast terrorism dooms road map plan [headings are assigned by the editor]

Re: Mideast peace plan set in motion, May 1.

The "road map" plan for Middle East peace has now been unveiled, following the Mahmoud Abbas-Yasser Arafat agreement concerning the Palestinian cabinet.

This news was followed by two homicide-bombings in Israel, claiming the lives of four Israelis and wounding more than 70 others. As in previous instances of this kind, terrorist groups affiliated with Mr. Arafat's own party claimed responsibility.

There is little doubt that Mr. Arafat himself is behind the ongoing terrorism. Once again, Mr. Arafat has underscored that regardless of the public relations, he is in charge and his method of choice is terrorism. Thus, it took less than a day to vindicate those who warned against the "road map" plan and against caving in to terrorists.

In his lune 2002 speech, President George W. Bush endorsed the road map on the conditions that the new Palestinian leadership be untainted by terrorism and that Arab violence cease. Recent events have shown that neither condition has been met yet the road map continues relentlessly. This strange policy of rewarding terrorists is bound to embolden dormant Osama bin Ladens to the detriment of all democracies.

The road map, which envisions a Palestinian state Within three years, must be stopped. Autonomy for Arabs in Western Palestine, under Israeli sovereignty, is the only way to safeguard the civil and religious rights of the Arabs in Western Palestine, while ensuring Israel's security.

Puerto Rico's model of autonomy under U.S. sovereignty should replace the road map, the sooner the better.

Joseph Alexander Norland, Ottawa
It is incumbent on Israel’s supporters to oppose the RoachMap at every turn and to offer an alternative. Let us not let Israel down in her hour of need.