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May 28, 2003

Obscuring Our Vision

Recent events have made it blatantly clear that some of the most prominent members of the media repeatedly omit essential details in regards to the Middle East.
Reporters paint the world in easy-to-understand moral colors. Instead of challenging and uncovering the truth, the press has been seeking out and publicizing stories that fit a simplified worldview.

The most glaring example of this poor reporting, which, if intentional, could be construed as bias, is that of America's supposed newspaper of record, The New York Times. Take reporter James Bennet's articles from the past week. In the May 18 Week In Review, in an article entitled "Crossing Jordan; The Exit That Isn't On Bush's 'Road Map,'" Bennet tells the international community about a proposition being floated by members of the Israeli government--the minister of tourism, no less: that "the new Palestinian state must be Jordan." Bennet writes that this proposition "makes explicit" what many perceive as the "real subtext of the war on terrorism: that it is a battle between Judeo-Christian and Islamic values, beliefs and territorial ambitions." The article continues to describe this plan of Minister Benyamin Elon without once addressing the amount of support such a proposition has within Israeli society...

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