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May 18, 2003

nuttiest statement of the year

Palestine urges restraint from Israel

The PA is committed to ending terrorism? What have they thus far done?
PALESTINIAN information minister Nabil Amr condemned the double suicide attacks which killed seven people plus the two bombers in Jerusalem today and called on Israel to exercise restraint in its response.

"We condemn these attacks, since it is the Palestinian position to condemn all attacks against civilians," he said in a statement issued here.
"We urge the Israeli government to show restraint in its response. The Palestinian government and leadership are committed to taking measures to put an end to such attacks and create a positive climate for the resumption of talks," he added.

A suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus in annexed east Jerusalem, killing seven people and himself, while a much higher death toll was narrowly averted when a second bomber blew himself up prematurely in a nearby village.