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May 29, 2003

Next Year in Al-Quds
by Yashiko Sagamori
May 28, 2003
(You would never want to miss Yashiko Sagamori again):

Having said yes, do not cry rape.

The Israeli cabinet has agreed to follow the “roadmap”. In practical terms, it means that the “Palestinian” state has already been created, even if there are still some formalities to be taken care of.

Of course, Ariel Sharon’s consent to the rape is conditional on the Arab terrorist Abbas’ fight against Arab terrorism. However, the terms “fight” and “terrorism” remain to be defined and, therefore, are open to interpretation. The interpretation, most likely, will come from the US State Department. The US State Department, most likely, will heed to the Arab rhetoric, as it has always done, and take the side of Arab terrorists saying they are fighting Arab terrorism. Or would have fought it had Israel not been an obstacle, or will fight it as soon as Israel meets some very important conditions. This is perfectly consistent: Arabs have been saying all along that their terrorism against Israel is Israel’s own fault. Besides, nobody expects them to go for an A plus; C minus is still a passing grade, and, considering that even after they become a full-fledged member of the United Nations they will still remain a terrorist organization, any excuse, no matter how flimsy, will be enough for them to avoid an F. Of course, a few Jews will be blown to bits now and then by an Arab who hates Jews so much that he’ll gladly blow himself to bits in order to kill them, but if such is the price of peace in the Middle East, then Israel, no questions about it, will have to pay it.

Don’t forget that had Israel shown the proper restraint and abstained from resisting the Arab fight against the Israeli occupation of Israel’s land, the Middle East would’ve been perfectly peaceful now — as peaceful as it had been before 1948, when Israel returned to a tiny portion of its not-too-vast land.

According to every commentary I have read, the main stumbling block on the road to peace, except for the very existence of Israel of course, is the so-called “right of return” of Arabs to the Jewish land. Simple, but elegant: If Israel agrees, it will cease being a Jewish state; if it doesn’t, the Arabs, with the support of the peace-loving international community, will have a perfectly legitimate reason to continue fighting Israel.

Today, the material support of the “Palestinians” by countries of the still free world remains mostly humanitarian. Humanitarian support is a great invention. For example, if I only have enough money to buy either bread or ammunition, and your humanitarian assistance provides me with bread, then I will be able to afford the ammo as well. As a result, you, with perfectly clear conscience, will be rightfully proud of your good deeds, while I, no longer hungry, can continue killing Jews. Therefore, the only difference between you and Saddam Hussein, when it comes to the support of Arab terrorism against Israel, is that Saddam Hussein no longer supports anything. When “Palestine” - which has never existed in any shape or form - will be commonly recognized as a country, then the necessity to restrict the support of Arab terrorism to humanitarian assistance will disappear, and the peace-loving international community will acquire new, efficient methods of pressuring Israel as long as it ruthlessly refuses to accept a few million Arabs suffering from their homesickness for the Jewish home.

I heard that criminals often have an irresistible urge to return to the scene of the crime. Such urge is the only actual basis for the “Palestinian” “right of return”. However, the very fact that this problem is deemed to become central at the upcoming talks means that the Israeli government is prepared to surrender the formerly indivisible Jerusalem to the enemy. It makes perfect sense. While Israel is building a fence, as if it were possible to hide behind it from terror, the terror receives a mandate to live in the very heart of Israel. It’s not just that the Western Wall might one day get painted green, like Joseph’s Tomb, it’s the fact that, under such arrangement, the Temple Mount will inevitably become the source of future bloody conflicts. Thus, the “roadmap” is rapidly becoming a milestone on the road to Israel’s destruction and new Holocaust.

Where is Bar Kochba, when he is so badly needed?