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May 01, 2003

A "NEW" roadmap

Here is MY roadmap. (That is, if a two state solution has to be accepted at all.)
1) ALL Arab states to immediately recognise the legitimate existence of the State of Israel as per UN resolutions establishing the State.
2)This to include ALL "Palestinian" Arab factions
3) Then an end to ALL hostile activities, including incitement in schools and Mosques throughout the Arab world.
4)Complete removal of the current Pal leadership from any position at all in government including Abu Abbas.
5)Pal elections excluding current incumbents from standing, and only candidates with NO terror credentials allowed to stand. Supervised by the Quartet and Israel.
6)Active disarmament of of ALL paramilitary groups and prosecution of all those implicated in terror and murder. This to include Hizbollah.
7) Then and only then, negotiations to begin on a final settlement. Jerusalem is already settled - it is the unversal and eternal Jewish capital. The temple mount can be declared an international area much like the Vatican.