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May 16, 2003

My latest pressure piece to the Australian government.-sent to both sides of politics

Dear Mr Downer, (our foreign minister)

How many 9/11's, Bali's, Riyadh's, Chechnya's, Kashmir's, Mombassa's do we in the non-Muslim world need to teach us the obvious? Despite all assurances that it is only fanatics who are the perpetrators of these attacks, there is no doubt of the widespread support amongst ordinary Muslims for these attacks. Terrorism supporters are equally guilty as the actual perpetrators, and that includes "human shields".

If not, I ask WHY HAS A FATWA OR RELIGIOUS DECREE NEVER BEEN ISSUED AGAINST MUSLIM TERROR PERPETRATORS? It was good enough to issue a death penalty against an entirely peaceful person, Salman Rushdie. One would have thought that the killing of people in quantity in the name of Islam would be a thousand times more blasphemous!

Why is it that we are all told that we need to be aware of, and pander to, Muslim sensitivities? How about Muslims being aware of and pandering to OUR sensitivities?

The Non-Muslim world in general is now feeling the effects of the acts of precisely the same group of (dare I say it?) "people" that Israel has been forced to endure for 55 years, and before. Jews have always been the "canary in the mine" - witness the second world war. This time round, however, it has taken just a wee bit longer to infect the rest of the world than it did last time.

The ONLY answer to that is exactly the same as the one meted out during WW2, and since then, in Afghanistan and very correctly, in Iraq. The ONLY thing these inhuman beasts understand is annihilation - sad and tragic as it may seem.

To now insist that the 24th Arab Muslim state be packed in to a tiny strip of land in Israel is ridiculous, especially since the origins of those Arabs is from established States in the Middle East, starting with arch terrorist Arafat who is Egyptian born! That would be rewarding terror - why the double standard? Terrorism is OK in Israel because it is only Jews who are being killed? The same tactics were used against coalition forces in Iraq. That was somehow different to what is happening daily in Israel? (fortunately now many of these inhuman attacks are being foiled daily BECAUSE of Israel's robust response). ((However, NOT ROBUST ENOUGH! obviously as attacks continue))

The "Roguemap" for "peace" is a pipedream (were the authors really under the influence of opium at the time?) I believe it's true intent is the destruction of the Jewish State by stealth. This opinion is reinforced when one looks at who the authors are. Europe, Russia, and the UN - all proven anti-Semites and genocide perpetrators!! The US State department is more concerned about oil than survival of a staunch democratic civilised ally, many of whose citizens are ex Americans!! (and Australians).

Suicide (murder) bombing was at the heart of Riyadh, which killed an Australian. British ex-Pakistanis perpetrated the last murder bombing in Israel. Is there now ANY DOUBT that the non Muslim world is at war with Islam? I think not. This will be a total war, no different in concept from WW1 or WW2, and the sooner we recognise that fact, and prepare for it, the better.

I yet again urge you to take my anti-suicide bombing motion, which was the subject of a petition tabled in parliament by Peter King MP (Wentworth) last year 26/8/02 Hansard page 5390, to the United Nations. If for no other reason than to assess the reaction of the Islamic states and to see whether that morally bankrupt organisation is worth saving!

Yours sincerely,