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May 06, 2003

Most Important: Nethanyau On The Map

The following is the last exchange in an interview with Nethanyahu published by today's JPOST and revolving, in the main, around the economic situation.

"Turning to diplomacy, it seems that the road map is gaining momentum. What's your view?

There's no illusion on the government table about who we're dealing with. That's why there's a consensus that we must agree on several things. First, not only the momentary cessation suspension of terror - but real action on the part of the Palestinian Authority against the sources of terror. Second, we have to see that any political process is accompanied by an a priori recognition of the Palestinians of our right to exist as a Jewish state, and the abandonment on their part on this so-called right of return, which means the destruction of Israel. Third, it's important, if those two conditions are met, and if we can engage in a political process, to ensure that the Palestinian entity, whatever its configuration, does not enjoy those powers that can endanger the one and only Jewish state, which means limitations on certain sovereign powers, for example the importation of weapons through third perimeters would be in our hands, and the airspace would be in our hands as well.

These are the principles that I think are agreed upon by the prime minister, by the ministers, and I think will serve us well if we stick to them. And there's no reason not to. I think the American people and administration understand these fears a lot better than they did a year ago. We need these measures to make sure we don't fall in a trap; Oslo was bad enough."