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May 26, 2003

Men at Work: A special note to contributors is moving its database to a new server. Several bloggers have attributed the slow loading and other problems to this factor. IsraPundit has experienced its share of these problems by the truckload. contribution to the load-time problem notwithstanding, we have pared down our template (with the generous help of our colleague, Michael Glazer), reduced the number of posts displayed, and taken an additional step to deal with long articles. Accordingly, we request that annotated citations from news stories or published articles be limited to a maximum of five quoted paragraphs. As to long "original articles", we ask that contributors post a precis on IsraPundit and the full article on IsraPundit2. You can see an example below, "Adding insult to injury". Contributors who require an "invite" to IsraPundit2 are requested to contact me. Of course, there will always be exceptions, as in the case of Fisking, to which these guidelines cannot be easily applied.

IsraPundit2 and the other measures are being implemented on an experimental basis, pending receipt of feedback from readers. In the final analysis, this site is maintained for the benefit of readers, not authors, and therefore it is important that we receive feedback, especially critical comments. Please contact me at, or contact the official IsraPundit mailbox,

Thank you.