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May 12, 2003

Making Chirac Take Responsibility For His Actions

Just a thought--wouldn't it be interesting if the Iraqi people were to take French President Chirac to task for his responsibility in Saddam's regime's genocides?

Just think about it for a second: the French president has been an outspoken defender of the International Criminal Court (ICC), claiming that it should have the full right to prosecute anyone for war crimes or crimes against humanity. Although I personally think the ICC is flawed, why not take him on his word?

Chirac has been known to maintain a close relationship with Saddam and his family, helped him in his quest for nuclear power, and transferred arms and ammunition up till the eve of the war. On the other hand, groups have called for an investigation into American and British war crimes during the war for Iraq--why not look to the reasons for the war?

Chirac undoubtedly knew about the genocides, the policies of forced Arabization, and Saddam's aggressive intentions with weapons of mass destruction. And yet he maintained the ties with Saddam: the mark of an accomplice.

Then, once that case is made, another can be brought against him for supporting the Syrian Ba'ath and the Hizbullah. The French have never denied their feelings toward their former colony and the "militant" organization--I am sure that a compelling case can be made in this respect as well.

I think the case against Chirac will stand the test of an impartial court--especially with the troves of documents discovered in Iraq after the war. Wouldn't it be nice to take the French president on his word, and see if he continues to support the ICC even after he becomes a defendant?

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