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May 13, 2003


This piece appears at and offers an explanation why the Road Map is so important to the U.S.: it's the oil
The recent pushing of the Road Map by Colin Powell and the Bush administration calls for some reexamination of recent history to determine exactly why this rehashing of the cynical Saudi Peace Plan is being so embraced by US leadership. George Orwell in 1984 explained that the most important aspect of history was it prevented governments from claiming that what was currently happening had always been the norm and that nobody ever challenged it before.

Supporters of President Bush, even Israelis, have always maintained the President was staunchly proIsrael, a reliable friend. Yet this administration's coziness with Saudi business interests has been a bone of contention for DAFKA as long ago as two years. As Israelis endured well over 17,000 terror attacks over the last two years, the consensus was that once the war with Iraq was successfully concluded things would go well for Israel. But this President is above all a politician, and to politicians, even in Israel, money and influence usually win out over what is right and plain common sense. Meanwhile the common Israeli (and even Palestinians for that matter) continues to die like Zion David, 53, murdered while driving his car just yesterday.

The Saudi "Peace Plan" suggested recognition of Israel in return for Israeli withdrawal to the 1948 borders. Of course the Saudis knew Israel would reject it. Even the most silly of appeasers in Israel could understand this was annulling four wars of defense for just some token words. Ariel Sharon handled the offer in a clever manner: he offered to visit Riyadh to "discuss" the offer knowing the Saudis were not serious and would refuse. When he hinted at possibly even accepting the offer the Saudis threw back in Arafat's demands for a Right of Return for 4 million Arabs into Israel's current internal borders assuring her ultimate demise as a Jewish state. That was the same negation of Oslo which would have meant a Palestinian state and peace. The Saudi Wahabists care less for a peace than the demise of Israel. And Arafat, as repulsive as he may be, is the surest means of achieving that goal.

But back to history: After 9/11 Mayor Giuliani was offered 10 million dollars by Saudi Prince Alaweed who, never missing a chance to bash Israel, advised the mayor the attack was due to American policy toward Israel. Giuliani had the character to refuse the check. Alaweed went on to fund Hamas personally to the tune of 100 million dollars without so much as a peep out of the Bush administration not to do so. Prince Abdullah visited President Bush in Crawford, Texas for days and was later sent to the President's personal PR agency, Qorvis Communications, to invest in a $200,000 a month publicity campaign to improve the Saudi "image" in the US. Since then President Bush, lacking Giuliani's character, gladly took a $500,000 donation in his name
from Prince Alaweed for a scholarship at some private academy. And as for Qorvis Communications, it produced a full spread advertisement in a Washington major weekly newspaper at a cost of $675,000 calling for Israeli withdrawal and dismantling of "settlements" supposedly from an ecumenical "peace" group composed of Jews, Christians and Muslims. The truth was the ad was paid for and conceived by the Saudis and several top Qorvis executives resigned when the truth came out.

Perhaps advertising executives have more principles than people high up in the Bush administration.
Saudi money flows in Washington all the time. And the prospects for unbelievably high remuneration from Saudi largesse once one leaves office is just too hard to pass up.

So why reward terror with statehood despite a noncessation of terror and leaving Arafat in control of Palestinian "security" forces that will continue the terrorism? Perhaps the five articles below will add some clarification. Scroll all the way down.
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