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May 05, 2003

The limits of diplomacy

Is the topic of a book-review from Ha'aretz regarding a new book about Israel's foriegn policy in 1958-1959.

The article discusses the Israel's realization of the limits of diplomacy throughb portions of history, but I believe this quote speaks volumes:

his volume, rich in material and skillfully edited, clearly illustrates the limits of diplomacy: The attempt to persuade the other side of the justice of your case frequently does not dovetail with the other side's broader, and contrasting, interests. In joint talks, Western representatives tried to console Israel's leaders by pointing out that their country's standing in the West was getting stronger. However, the moral encouragement contrasted starkly with the bitter reality of an absence of guarantees for Israel's security and for limited quantities of weapons, supplied in a miserly fashion. Had these guarantees been given, they might have deterred and prevented Israel's future wars.