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May 06, 2003

Letter to Pres. Bush

Dear Mr Bush

I urge you to use America's influence to insist upon the following reasonable precondition to the implementation of the Quartet's "roadmap". How can one reasonably negotiate anything if there is nothing about which to negotiate other than the destruction and elimination of the State of Israel?

NO roadmap without prior declaration of peace from the Arabs and Israel's inalienable right to exist in peace and harmony.

In Iraq there is a golden opportunity to get a peace deal between that country and Israel which will forever bring a major state of peace to the world. The defunct oil pipeline running from Iraq to the Mediterranean could get up and running with immense benefit to Iraq, Jordan and Israel as well as to nations importing oil from Iraq and avoiding some of the overcrowding of the gulf, and decreasing shipping costs.

6.5 million people are surrounded by 250 MILLION hostiles. It only makes common sense that confidence building measures must be initiated from the Arab side.

Israel could provide immense benefit to the primitive Arab nations bringing them and their agricultural infrastructure into the 20th if not the 21st century! They MUST be made to see that.


Dr David Bornstein