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May 28, 2003

A letter to the Australian foreign Minister - a call for action

Regarding my anti suicide bombing petition submitted to the Australian government, the reply received has consistently been that adequate conventions exist at the UN. Specifically the convention against terrorist bombing. It seems clear that a new tack is required, particularly while the current government is in power, as it is sympathetic to Israel. In particular, the Prime and foreign ministers. Just yesterday, as was reported in the J Post, our Attorney general wants the power to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organisation here (a move incidentally supported in principle by the opposition). We are constrained from doing so because that organisation has not been so declared by the Security council (which makes no sense in a sovereign state). Accordingly, and with Australia's profile greatly enhanced with the USA following the war in Iraq, we are in a good position to influence matters far more than our population (20 odd million) would suggest. Consequently I have submitted the following letter to the Foreign minister and also to the executive Council of Australian Jewry, the latter being the political power for the community listened to by the government. ECAJ address is The CEO is addressed as the president, Mr Jeremy Jones.
Dear Mr Downer,

I recognise that you and your office consider the current conventions of the UN sufficient in terms of terrorist bombing. This being the case, I call on you and your department to ensure, by means of a resolution, that terror against Israeli civilians is treated identically to terror acts perpetrated everywhere else in the world. If this resolution is not carried, and the current conventions in fact demand that it should be carried basically without debate, then Australia should withhold it's financial contributions to the UN until the organisation does recognise that mass murder is just that and cannot under ANY circumstance be justified. It is clear that at present there is NO equivalency, with the media referring to these atrocious acts as carried out by "militants" and similar attacks, such as Bali, Morocco or Riyadh being perpetrated by "terrorists". Terminology in this context is everything.

Regarding the "road map to peace" in the Middle East, I formally request that Australia use it's influence with the United States, and to lobby whomever (The Quartet in particular), one and all, that the following two preliminary steps need to be added to the "map", or else I will guarantee that it is doomed to fail, with hundreds or even thousands more dead than the failures of Oslo has delivered. In it's current form, the road map is a prescription for the suicide of the State of Israel.

!) that the first step has to be a formal acceptance of Israel's right to exist, and this needs to be ratified by the entire Arab/Muslim (Iran and the far East included) bloc.

2) Then a declaration of peace or at least an armistice on the Arab side. Then perhaps we can pick up where the current map begins.