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May 27, 2003

Justice for all

IMRA has an article from Palestine Media Center which reported on some of Foreign Minister DeVillepin’s statements when he was in the territories. It is quite obvious that the Palestinians have his full support. But I wanted to focus on only one statement of his.
I know that the duties are difficult and demanding, but the Palestinian leadership can rely on France and Europe … to bring justice to the Palestinian people and security to the Israeli people.”
Don’t buy it, on either account. It should be the other way around. But this statement implies that the two are related. Israel can’t have security unless the Palestinians get justice.

It is time to bring justice to Israel and security for the Palestinian people. It is true that Israel and Sharon keep demanding security. When they do so they are on the defensive.

Israel should take the offensive. It has right’s and entitlements. It is entitled to realize them. It should assert their right to all the land to the Jordan. It earned it. Not only does it possess the lands, it has possessed the lands. For the last 35 years it has settled the land and made it, its own. It is entitled to compemnsation for economic loss due to the intafada and the wars. It is entitled to have the terrorists, Arafat and Mazen included, brought to justice. It should demand justice for Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

The Arabs lost all right to it as a result of attacking Israel on numerous occasions. They have lost the land as a result of breaking the Oslo Accords. They have lost the land for having started the intafada. In fact, the only justice they are entitled to, is for their crimes.

As soon as Israel receives justice, the Arabs will have security.