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May 29, 2003

Just your typical day

May 29,2003

21:18 An Um El-Phahem resident who assisted a suicide bomber was arrested
It is allowed to publish the the security forces arrested an Israeli Arab who was a resident of Um-El-Phahem. He was mobilized to the Hamas and planned to drive a suicide bomber to a mall in Hadera. The Israeli Arab was arrested due to an invesigation of the suicide bomber who was arrested a day before the suicide attack.

13:55 Bush will receive 20 thousands of postcards: Free Polard. In the coming days, the mail box in the White House would be floated by postcards, this time without any connection to the Road Map. Thousands of Israeli pupils participated in this year`s campaign, "There is hope in the heart". As a part of the operation, pupils dealt with prisoners of war and missing soldiers and with the prisoner Jonathan Polard, who is imprisoned in the US for espionage.

13:49 Summary of terrorists arrested tonight
3 terrorists were arrested in Dura, west to Hebron.

3 terrorists were arrested in Bethlehem, Tul-Karem and Qalqilya.

A wanted terrorist was arrested in the Atil village, north to Tul-Karem.

13:48 During an IDF opeartion in Jenin a Tanzim terrorist was killed
The IDF forces operated tonight in Jenin. During the operation, an armed Tanzim terrorist was killed. A soldier was lightly injured.