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May 09, 2003


Saul Singer lauds Sharon for making it a precondition that the "right of Return" be abandoned as a means to give teeth to the recognition that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish State. He argues that the Arabs can't accept a two state solution while still claiming the "right of return".

Ron Dermer says Bush's about face from the June speech to the R$oad Map is a return to the faults of Oslo. He argues that the June speech is a long term formula (20 years) which is better than the Roadmap which is a short term solution leading failure.

Barry Rubin discusses just how bad Syria is and whether the US is serious about doing something about it. He tends to think not. He points also to the support Syria can count on from France, Britain and Russia. His arguements about the lack of US resolve appear to be bourn out by the facts. Remember deeds not words.

Oren Shachor argues that the Road is a rocky road and will prove to be a long one. Each of the concessions Israel is asked to make along the way and in final settlement is enough to choke on. And so long as Arafat is there the Arabs won't proceed in good faith. He also argues that the US has other priorities in the ME and the elections are coming.
There are many more worthwhile articles in today's issue.