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May 20, 2003

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Over the last few days, I have posted several times about the Zionist Leadership Summit, Washington 17-18, 2003, because it seemed to highlight what’s radically wrong with pro-Israel advocacy.

I should emphasize from the outset that this Summit was no gossip session among neighbours who represent nobody but themselves. The Washington meeting
was attended by leaders and other participants behind whom stand some 45 million US citizens. In turn, these people represent a major component of the Republic party. That is why I am so concerned about missing the opportunity to inform the public in North America about the meeting, its proceedings, and its strong support for Israel.

As a consequence of this concern, I wrote to a selected number of pro-Israel blogger, in an attempt to organize some co-ordination where none exists. The letter I sent
stated, inter alia:

Following up on the poor coverage of the Washington meeting of 17-18 May, 2003, I am in the process of compiling a list of pro-Israel bloggers, group e-mailers and equivalent, who are willing to commit themselves to disseminating pro-Israel action information in the future.

The idea is that if any one of the people who join this initiative receives information on meetings, rallies, petitions etc., he/she will inform all members of the initiative group, who, in turn, will post or disseminate the information further by other means. If you are interested in joining this initiative, please inform me.

In response, I received the following e-mail from a fellow-blogger, Tom Schaller:
This is something that I've been talking to another friend about quite often lately. Not just Israel's PR battle, but that of the entire West in general and America's Right specifically.

Part of the problem is that our Leftist and Muslim enemies have been allowed decades to work their on PR campaign unopposed. We've thought ourselves invulnerable because, hey, we're the good guys. We just have to keep on keepin' on and the world will love us for our good works, our integrity and our honesty. Well, that hasn't worked so well after all.

The good news is that Islam and the Left have exposed themselves as allies in hate and brokers of lies. America and the West are waking up to this and they are gradually becoming sick and tired of it all and "coming over to the light." I’ve written about this at more length several times over the past months, including just a week or so ago, so I won't go over it all in detail here. But you see what I'm getting at.

We (the blogging community) have been doing a good job of showing the truth about the Left and Islam. But that's only half of the job that needs doing. The other half, what we've been doing poorly, is marketing OURSELVES as the side or cause that people should join and support. To reach a broad spectrum of possible supporters we need to market ourselves (in this case that means our collected, positive ideologies) in various ways. We have to make ourselves appealing to many different groups.
Being the good guys isn't enough. We have to make being the good guys cool, sexy and exciting. At the same time we have to become educated in the beliefs and methods of our enemies. We need to read his holy books. We need to learn his language. We need to understand the consequences and intentions of his policies. We need to study him and know him in his every aspect.
I have posted this exchange because I hope that it will serve as a starting point for an on-blog discussion around these questions:

- What is your assessment of the current status of pro-Israel advocacy?
- What can we, bloggers, e-mailers, and blog readers, do to help in the immediate and short term?
- What can we do to improve co-ordination and co-operation among bloggers with the object of getting the word out?
- What can we do to include non-bloggers, such as organizations and institutions?

If you have ideas or concrete suggestions - join the discussion by either posting an article (if you are an article-contributor), posting a comment, or sending an article to me for posting.