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May 27, 2003

Its anybody's guess

Arutz 7 has some very compelling pieces of why the "acceptance" is still a disaster.

Steven Plaut argues the following rational offered for signing is dead wrong.
The current explanation for this behavior and for approval of this abomination is that Israel has added so many caveats and conditions to the Road Map that it cannot do Israel any real harm. After all, the PLO can be relied upon to mess it up and cause the Map to be abandoned. The Map requires the PLO to end all terror before any of the rest of it is implemented. So, Israel has succeeded in tricking the PLO, maneuvering the PLO into a corner, while extracting good will and PR blessings for Israel. No long-term harm will result, because the PLO will get the blame for the failure of the Map, right?
Ya'akov-Perez Golbert is a practicing lawyer in Jerusalem. He was a full professor of law in Los Angeles until his aliyah in 1984. He argues that the fourteen added reservations have no legal effect. (I tend to disagree but must see the actual document first to determine if the acceptance of the steps was conditional on the reservations or if the reservations were just attached.)
Netanyahu made a point of attaching Sharon’s 14 points of objection to the plan, as if that made any difference, given the fact that the cabinet approved the plan by a vote of 12 to 7, with 4 abstentions. Of course, the American government had given assurance that Israel’s objections would receive “due consideration” when it comes to implementation. It cannot be lost on any intelligent person, not even an Israeli cabinet minister, that the phrase is utterly meaningless blather, given the fact that the objections are entirely contrary to the plan, which the Israeli government voted to accept by a decisive majority.
Rachel Neuwirth on the other hand ignores the "acceptance" and argues against the inviability of a Palestinian State.
As recent history has painfully taught us, Israel and Palestinian Arabs can never live peacefully together. Most Palestinian Arabs declare day and night that their goal is to destroy Israel. And many Israeli Arabs living in Israel have proven themselves to be disloyal to the Jewish state. However, since the 1994 peace treaty with Jordan, Israel and Jordan have lived side by side in relative peace. Only two states — the Jewish "Palestinian" state and Jordan, the Arab "Palestinian" state — are truly capable of finding a resolution to the so-called Palestinian dispute.

The separation of Arab and Jew is imperative for regional stability.
Who's to say anyone of them are wrong. We don't know what's really going on. Only time will tell.