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May 21, 2003

It's All About Marketing

Some wars are fought with bullets and bombs. Some are fought with words and ideas. Strategy and tactics are critical to them all and all can be deadly.

You and I, mere bloggers and most of us civilians, lack the skills and tools to fight the first kind of war. But we’re critical to the second, because such a war is being waged whether we participate or not and it likely can’t be won if you and I don’t take up keyboard and website and march to battle.

What I’m talking about is the PR war that the Left and Islam have been fighting – separately but with a common goal – against us for decades. At first glance it may seem cheesy or trite or melodramatic to think of presenting ourselves and our cause to the greater public as if this were all some corporate marketing campaign. But to do otherwise is to admit defeat, because that’s exactly what our enemies have been doing and they’ve become masters of this type of warfare.

The two forces, the Left and Islam, have formed an alliance born of convenience. To say that their joined marketing prowess is considerable would be a gross understatement.

The Left has been at this since the Vietnam War. They use every media outlet imaginable to both scream about the evils of America and the Right and to cry that they’ve been victimized. They not only tell the world why our side must be destroyed but why their side should be pitied, accepted and joined.

They have the majority of Hollywood types, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, 90% of all newspapers and at a head start of at least three generations.

What do we have in the way of real marketing? Hmmmmmm. Well, there’s a handful of radio hosts, there's Righty Babes, and there's the rare sites like Anti-Jihad, IsraPundit and LFG and there's NRO, Fox, the WSJ, all of us and the knowledge that without us America and the West are in considerable danger. It isn't much, but it's a start.

Logically the Left is a shadow of what once made it great, but its frontline troops are charismatic, exceptional speakers, passionate and masters of emotional manipulation. They are marketers of the first degree. From Noam Chomsky to Robert Fisk to Michael Moore to Cynthia McKinney to Robert Byrd to James Carville to Hillary Clinton, to name just a few of the most notable, you’ll find the previously listed traits. These people are larger than life and take advantage of the assumed legitimacy granted them by their status and position.

Knowing that rhetorically the ground they’ve chosen for battle is inferior they’ve infiltrated our institutions of higher learning. Their marketing campaign begins where they can hijack young minds before logical thinking skills have been learned. They can choke off reason and plant blind hatred in its place.

One thing we can do to fight this is train our politicians, news people and other prominent figures on how to speak. It isn’t enough for them to say, “Hey, those people are evil. Don’t listen to them.” and then prove it.

They also have to say, “You know what, we aren’t fighting this war against Terror because it’s politically expedient We’re fighting because it’s the right thing to do. We’re fighting because you put us in office to protect you and we’d be letting you down to do anything else. We’re fighting because it would be irresponsible and morally degenerate to fail you in this duty. But you know what? We can’t do it without you. We need you, all of you, and I’ll tell you a few things you can do to help.”

Then proceed to let them know EXACTLY how they can help, because in helping they become involved. When they become involved in our cause, which they already support in principle anyway, it becomes their cause on a more personal level. It gains a degree of romance, it becomes an adventure and it becomes important not only because they agree with our goals and ideology but because they now have an investment in our success and want to see a positive return on that investment.

The leaders of Islam are no less deft in their marketing of themselves and their cause than are the leaders of the American Left. Groups like al Qaeda infest local mosques. There they insinuate their extremist yet Koranically supported ideas into young minds in an environment that leaves no room for alternate opinions or arguments. They use impassioned speeches, Koranic verse, shame and intimidation to first melt and then shape the minds placed at their mercy.

Then we have countries like Saudi Arabia spending hundreds of millions to spread Wahabism, the most virulent, hate-blinded sect of Islam, over the past several decades. As part of their marketing campaign they are building mosques and schools that promote this hatred all over the world. They set up charities as front organizations. The teach grade school children addition by having them add one dead Jew plus three dead Jews. They hold telethons to raise money to support Terror groups and their families. They shout their hatred of America and Israel in State run newspapers and on State run TV and radio.

But they’re shrewd. At the same time they spend millions to trick Americans into thinking of them as peace-loving allies. They literally hire marketing companies to improve their image. They go on America TV crying out against the unfairness of our believing them to be in bed with al Qaeda and other Terrorist groups. They call us liars and swear their loyalty to our cause.

Until recently we also had Saddam Hussein’s marketing campaign. He’d give money to the families of suicide bombers. He let them know that if they sent their kids out to kill themselves that it could make them far better off. It would be a pot of gold for the entire community and everyone could join in.

I’ve also just read an article about a group of young black Muslims who use Rap to get out their message about Islam. It is, for them, a successful and growing marketing tool. I don’t mean to disparage these young men, because it doesn’t seem that they in any way promote violence, at least not intentionally. But this is still marketing, effective marketing, done in the name of Islam.

Then look at what Muslims do to suicide / homicide bombers. They literally make them heros. They make them sexy. They make them larger than life. They make freakin’ action figures of them. They coin fake gold medallions stamped with their likenesses. They print posters with murderers faces and a record of how many Jews they murdered, for children to hang in their rooms like I used to have posters of Samantha Fox in mine.

Why can’t we do the same with real heros? Why have we let Jessica Lynch fade into obscurity, even allowing the BBC to belittle her and her rescuers? Why haven’t we had Shoshanna Johnson and her compatriots on every freakin’ Righty talk show in America?

Do you remember those articles from Israel about Jewish hospital workers and how hard it is for them when they are treating “Palestinians” (for free!) and the freakin’ psychotic bastards CHEER when dying Jews are brought it after a suicide / homicide bombing? Or how the filthy “Palestinians” refuse to allow Jewish doctors to save their childrens’ lives because the blood needed for transfusions came (again FREE) from Jews?

Why aren’t we getting more of these stories, stories that humanize Jews and show the truth of Islam’s hate, out to the public? Freakin’ come on, man, Judaism is a religion of ethics more than a religion of theology. There is no shortage of evidence that can be presented, so why isn’t it? We are failing!

We are failing miserably when it comes to representing ourselves to the public, while our enemies are doing quite well at this. They paint themselves as misunderstood victims and us as greedy, corrupt oppressors and until 9/11 we were doing NOTHING to combat them. We’ve lost ground. Lots of it. And it will be a nasty fight to gain it back.

We are not powerless, and since 9/11 we’ve been doing better. But we aren’t doing enough.

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