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May 30, 2003

Israel's Republicans warn Bush of election fallout over roadmap

In an unprecedented move, the official Israeli branch of Republicans Abroad has sent a letter to US President George W. Bush warning that his support for the road map threatens to drive potential voters away from the party, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The letter, a copy of which was obtained by the 'Post, was sent to the White House on Wednesday, and cautioned that "pressing ahead with this plan will only serve to alienate American Jews and the Christian right."

"We are aware of increasing numbers of American citizens, both here in Israel and in the United States, who are now considering abandoning the Republican party as a result of your Administration's pursuit of the 'Road Map'," the letter said.

In unusually strong language, the letter's signatories, which included the president of Republicans Abroad Israel, Eliyahu Weinstein, and the group's Co-Chair Bob Lang, further stated that, "pressuring Israel to negotiate with terrorists at the same time that America is waging war on terror is both morally untenable and intellectually inconsistent."

"It blurs the clarity of vision which you have repeatedly enunciated since the September 11 terror attacks in New York and Washington, and sends the wrong message to terrorists around the world, namely, that violence can and does pay," Weinstein and Lang wrote to Bush.

According to the Republicans Abroad website, the group "is the international arm of the Republican Party" and "helps the Republican Party develop policy and campaign strategy at the highest levels."